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We’ll Call You If We Need You:

Experiences of Women Working Construction (1998)

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

ILR/Cornell  ISBN  0-8014-8605-X

“[Susan Eisenberg] introduces us to the feminist pioneers who first ventured onto building sites, braving hatred, abuse, physical suffering, and even mortal danger.. . . .This is an inspirational and life-affirming book.  . . constructed so skillfully that the reader is kept constantly engaged.”-Samuel C. Florman, New York Times Book Review

We’ll Call You If We Need You [offers a] nuanced composite picture . . . of tradeswomen’s experiences. . . . [Eisenberg] makes a persuasive case for beefing-up affirmative action guidelines and revising archaic union apprenticeship programs that were designed with eighteen-year-old men in mind.” -Maureen Corrigan, Fresh Air

“Eisenberg captures the strength and intelligence of tradeswomen through the simplest of devices - hanging back. She comes in only to introduce and frame their voices - with clarification, personal accounts, a bit of history or context. . . . Eisenberg’s book engenders a new respect for the women in the trades and the difficult work they do.” -The Progressive

"Eye-opening and often disturbing." - Library Journal

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