Poetry Readings

Perpetual Care photography exhibition at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

Creole Gallery, Lansing, MI


The Poetry Foundation, “Keep Out” by Maggie Messitt

The Electrical Worker, Who We Are: Boston Member’s Book Shines Light on Women in the Trades

Colorlines review and slideshow, On Equal Terms exhibition NYC

Boston Globe, On Equal Terms exhibition Brandeis University

New York Times, April 26, 1998, review of We’ll Call You If We Need You & Pioneering


Mass Poetry, May 16, 2018

Cornell Press podcast, April 9, 2018

Progressive Radio, interview by Matt Rothschild, Madison, WI, May 2, 2011


Engineering-News Record Viewpoint, Dec. 23, 2019. Gender Equity Needs Work.

McClatchy Tribune Op-Ed, April 7, 2013. Women in trades careers still waiting for fairness.

Women in trades still waiting for fairness, The Progressive, Apr 3, 2013.

Truth to Tell, Minnesota Radio, Feb 25, 2013.

McClatchy-Tribune Op-Ed, Labor Day, 2012. Gender discrimination in the construction trades

U.S. Department of Labor, April 8, 1998. Public Lecture. Alexis Herman, Secretary, Department of Labor and Author Susan Eisenberg

Sample Chapter of We’ll Call You If We Need You

Engineering News-Record, Oct. 15, 2001. Misogyny hurts craft labor.

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