<br>We'll Call You If We Need You: <br>Experiences of Women Working Construction, With a New Preface, and <br><br>Stanley’s Girl: Poems
ILR/Cornell, 2018

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We'll Call You If We Need You:
Experiences of Women Working Construction, With a New Preface, and

Stanley’s Girl: Poems

Perpetual Care<br><small style='font-weight: normal'>a book of poetry with 14 color photographs</small>
Third Rail, 2016
ISBN 978-0-9961310-0-1


Perpetual Care
a book of poetry with 14 color photographs

“Incisive, lively, witty, Perpetual Care brilliantly defies its subject matter. Using an impressive range of forms, styles, and metaphors, Susan Eisenberg draws us deeply into the emotional complexities of a “flock of illnesses.” Whatever your background — as patient and/or provider — you will find this book difficult to put down. The poet’s striking photographs add resonance to both the title and these surprisingly hopeful poems.”
— Martha Collins, author, Blue Front

“In this powerful collection, Eisenberg captures the essence of being a patient in the modern health care system. Always poignant, at times playful, Eisenberg’s economical and evocative words allow the reader to experience the full array of emotion associated with being a patient. I have shared these treasures with my patients and professional colleagues alike. So real, so true, so honest — at times breathtaking!”
— Donald I. Abrams, MD, Chief, Hematology-Oncology, San Francisco General Hospital, Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of California San Francisco

Selection of poems from Perpetual Care

We'll Call You If We Need You:<br>Experiences of Women Working Construction
ILR/Cornell, 1998
ISBN 0-8014-8605-X


New York Times Notable Book of the Year
We'll Call You If We Need You:
Experiences of Women Working Construction

“[Susan Eisenberg] introduces us to the feminist pioneers who first ventured onto building sites, braving hatred, abuse, physical suffering, and even mortal danger. . . . This is an inspirational and life-affirming book constructed so skillfully that the reader is kept constantly engaged.”
– Samuel C. Florman, New York Times Book Review Full Review

“We’ll Call You If We Need You [offers a] nuanced composite picture of tradeswomen’s experiences. [Eisenberg] makes a persuasive case for beefing-up affirmative action guidelines and revising archaic union apprenticeship programs that were designed with eighteen-year-old men in mind.”
– Maureen Corrigan, Fresh Air

“Eisenberg captures the strength and intelligence of tradeswomen through the simplest of devices – hanging back. She comes in only to introduce and frame their voices – with clarification, personal accounts, a bit of history or context. Eisenberg’s book engenders a new respect for the women in the trades and the difficult work they do.”
The Progressive

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Blind Spot
Backwaters Press, 2006
ISBN: 0-9785782-1-X


Blind Spot

“Susan Eisenberg, in these plain-spoken, not-for-the-faint-of-heart poems, resists the historical amnesia and denial American culture propagates. Funny, harrowing, loving, fierce, political, personal–she aims for the blind spot, for what we can’t see; connects the ’60s to the present, and, in the act of honest remembering, reminds us who we are.”
— Eleanor Wilner, author, The Girl with Bees in Her Hair

“With Eisenberg’s signature precision, humor, emotional intensity and, above all, perspective, these poems never shy away from the complex nature of good and evil as experienced by actual human beings.”
– Tom Wayman, author, I’ll Be Right Back

Pioneering: Poems from the Construction Site
ILR/Cornell, 1998
ISBN 0-8014-8526-6


Pioneering: Poems from the Construction Site

“Susan Eisenberg is the best kind of political poet–tough, plain-spoken, but alive to the human complexities that can derail the expected moral. She has learned her trade from real masters–and her pacing is unerring.”
– Alan Williamson, author, Love and the Soul

“This is a powerful book filled with honest, unpretentious, fearless, and beautiful poems.”
– Thomas Lux, author, Split Horizons

It's a Good Thing I'm Not Macho
Whetstone Press, 1984
ISBN 0-931165-00-8

It's a Good Thing I'm Not Macho

“The ‘ideas’ in this book are firmly embedded in the ‘things’; one can find here the symbolic resonances that bring one back to reread a book of literature many times. These cleanly crafted poems are also about fear and the courage which overcomes it, about the journey of any fearful, determined and courageous spirit into any unknown.”
– Denise Levertov, from the Foreword

Poetry Chapbooks

Susan Eisenberg Greatest Hits 1982-2003. Johnstown, OH: Pudding House Publications, 2004.

Editor, Coffee Break Secrets. Boston: Word of Mouth Productions, 1988.

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